Painting memories with the Memory Project

Though there are many different types of people and places around the world, art has the ability to connect people together. It offers creative expression and interpretation on an individual basis. Through portraits done by the art students, starting Oct. 19, paintings were created through the Memory Project providing something extraordinary for children in need.

The Memory Project is an organization that send pictures of kids that live in poor conditions to the art students, who paint their portraits and send them back. The portraits are then sent back to the organization, who sends them to the children.

“The Memory Project is a way for the kids to have a portrait of themselves,” Patricia Fields, art teacher, said. “I think it is important that students use their talents to help other people. It is important to give back, and this is a way for art students to give back. They were excited to do the project and really worked hard on the portraits, so the kids would be pleased.”

The portraits are of children who live in the Philippines. Making them smile was the art students’ goal.

“It is really cool because it will make them feel special and important,” Trever McCrossen ‘19 said. “I think it is good to see yourself and how you look to others. I like to draw and create. Art immerses people in a different world and shows them a different perspective.”

A video of the children with their new portraits will be sent back so that all those who participated in the project can see the children’s reactions.

“I am happy I could contribute to other countries in need,” Mackenzie Lay ‘19 said. “It is emotional support, saying we care. You can feel honored to see yourself in art. It is like seeing yourself on television. It is amazing.”