Too Much Responsibility, Too Little Appreciation

Teacher’s jobs have been more demanding than ever. Being on-call 24 hours a day and seven days a week is nothing more than normal for most teachers who just want the best for their students.  However, with the ever-growing increase in what their job entails, such as staying in contact with students and parents almost constantly, the appreciation is not increasing along with it.

Classrooms are often overflowing with students.  In addition to this, they have the added responsibility of raising children for parents. While teachers often play a significant role in a student’s life, it is not their responsibility to form a parental bond with each and every student who walks through their door.  If a teenager does not receive enough attention at home, regardless if this is intentional by the parent or not, the teenager will seek it in other ways.  They do this more often than not by acting out, which the teacher is then forced to deal with.  This causes a loss of time for actual education.

Teachers often fund their own classrooms as well.  Without school supplies funded by the school, they often pay for their own supplies such as pencils, pens and even binders or folders for students who cannot afford them.

While a demanding job can be expected when one finds themselves looking into the teaching career, working longer hours than relaxing often causes burnouts.  But at least they have a summer break, right?  Wrong.  Many teachers spend most of their summer “break” preparing for the upcoming school year.

The responsibilities of educators have been heavily increasing, but the pay, nor the appreciation, have not been raising along with it.  Even indicating that teachers deserve more, especially as a student, can seem insincere. This should not be, because of the important role teachers play in a student’s life.  To voice appreciation for that should not be completely unfounded.