Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

Romeo cheated on Juliet, or so the influx of unfaithfulness would lead one to believe. Media outlets seem to report on a different celebrity couple breaking up due to one cheating on the other every day.

However, hope springs eternal with teens and relationships today.

“I take an optimistic view on teenage relationships, especially since I have been in a relationship for about two years now,” Adriana Jorudd ‘20 said. “Trust is very important to me. You encourage trust by being open and not being secretive or lying. I would not say I believe teenagers are more likely to cheat, but that is because everyone has the same potential to cheat. I believe people cheat based on environmental factors and not just based on age and such. I do feel like cheating has definitely become more common now than what it once was.”

Those who practice communication and trust tend to feel more secure in their relationships.

“I really think that some relationships in high school can work out if the couple fits together,” Grace Petras ‘21 said. “As much as I do not like saying it, I feel like people are more likely to cheat in high school and college than they are in adulthood. I do not feel there is a genuine reason to cheat in a relationship. If you are not happy with one partner, you should not stay in that relationship. If you know they are not happy, then you should talk to them and figure it out. Today, I feel like the idea of cheating and having affairs has become a bit more normalized. It feels like the world has lost meaning in a way.”

Being a teenager or an adult is no excuse for cheating.

“I feel that in teen relationships, cheating is a lot more common,” Hannah Tomasko ‘20 said. “Most people do not really have that bond with their significant other. Personally, I think cheating is almost like a sin. I do not know many people who have cheated, but I know of people who have been cheated on. It breaks them emotionally and physically. Cheating is never okay no matter the circumstances, and never should be viewed as normal. Being put in the position of knowing your partner is cheating is never a good feeling. I wish those who cheat would think about what they do before they do it.”