Satire: Take A Hint

No. Such an ambiguous word, the meaning behind it so easily misconstrued. A statement so final, but so open to new circumstances. The girl who is so clearly being wooed in this situation cannot be trusted with that decision herself. No, the heroic man must push onward.

These brave men do not accept rejection no matter how many times they are reminded that their future wife is not interested. They endlessly hope for that day when they have finally worn her down enough to get that “yes” dragged out of her.  Nothing like those quitters who accept the rejection for what it is and hope to stay friends.

Girls often have no idea what they want anyway. The quickest way to a girl’s heart is to keep pushing in the face of adversity, even hers. Maybe she is just playing hard to get. To combat that, play hard to avoid. Text her constantly, asking if she wants to go out yet. Ignore the constant stream of no.

There is something to admire about someone who faces the same rejection daily, and yet, will not quit. The amount of determination and drive seen in very few people these days is put to a worthy cause: getting that yes. What a brilliant way to spend six hours a day.

The hero’s journey is not yet done when he simply texts her, absolutely not. He must confront her in school. Tell her how beautiful she looks with her headphones in. Girls always welcome compliments the most when they are busy.

However, in the scenario where the hero becomes dejected, that rejection becomes too much, and he realizes that all the girl wants is for him to leave her alone, he could take the rejection with grace and move on. Or he could use this experience as an opportunity to learn something about himself rather than being bitter about her.

But learning something takes work. It is so much easier to just keep going after someone after being rejected than to take a minute of self-reflection. Keep at her. She will say yes to that date soon enough.