Art Students Bring Memories To Life


Patricia Fields

For the past two years in the art program, students have created portraits of refugee children in Malaysia. The purpose of this is to give to those less fortunate and create something meaningful.

The students who worked on this project were given pictures of Malaysian refugee children and were free to draw their portrait in any medium.

“This was my second year doing this project,” Patricia Fields, art teacher, said. “For me, it is an opportunity I give my students to use their artistic talent to give back. I heard about this charity from another teacher. When I see the final product, it makes me feel happy and proud of my students who can do this for other children.”

This charity is making an impact on both students and teachers.

“I thought that this project was cool and international,” Jenna Palmer ‘20 said. “Above all, I wanted to give these kids something to cherish and brighten their day. That pressured me into trying to make my portrait absolutely perfect. I have done this once last year. Every time when I finish, I get an immense feeling of satisfaction and happiness.”