Band Students Earn Scholarships in “Gonda Music”

Gonda Music Scholarship recipients took highest honors 12 after eight Stevenson students won scholarships worth $4000, Wednesday, Feb. 12.

These instrumentalists have refined their technique and are being awarded for their effort.

“I am really passionate about music and I love honing my craft,” Calvin Hassel ’22, said. “I practiced as often as I could for months, and it all paid off. I am going to carry this win as a reminder, so I know what happens when I fully apply myself to something. I am going to use my scholarship on more music lessons to further better and push myself.”

Winning a music scholarship requires a lot of hard work, dedication and unwavering discipline.

“Students audition in front of a judge and are graded based on their talent,” Michael Sekich, band director, said. “This year, we did especially well. Of the initial 36 students, eight Stevenson students won and acquired $500 scholarships each, of the total 15 scholarships being awarded. I am proud of all my students and not just those who tried. I am happy that they took the initiative and practiced for weeks in preparation for this event.”

Students who were awarded scholarships include:

Tony Warren, 1st place

Kole Micacakaj, 3rd place

Calvin Hassel, 6th place

Grace Petras, 8th place

Nikko Benka, 9th place

Daniel Fredericks, 9th place

Sofia Kastelan, 10th place

Kyle Carbary, 11th place