Quarantine Blogs: Jazmin Graddy



My friends and I started a quarantine facetime/skype call so we don’t have to sit completely alone in solitude. I spent the majority of the day talking to them and sitting around. I have taken the time we have off of school to reinvent myself. I’ve taken more time to check in on myself mentally and physically. Being stuck in a house with my whole family hasn’t been the easiest because i’m not used to being at home all day everyday. So i’ve been trying to be more conscious of my mental health. I also have been working on things like marking up my scripts for our spring musical, talking to my co-designer and going over certain parts of my script. 



As I continued to talk to my quarantine buddies, I decided that I didn’t want to lay in bed all day. So I decided to get up and deep clean my room and write down any due dates that I might have had. I also got a little work done for my page I’m designing for the print newspaper. I completely rearranged my room and reorganized my bookshelf (i know, very exciting). I spent the rest of my day working and doing karaoke in my room.



Wednesday was a really bum like day. I stayed in my bed all day and chilled out. I ate a lot of snacks and watched youtube videos.  My quarantine buddies and I had a game night and I of course had the most wins. We also had movie night, we watched movies together using the netflix party app.



 I woke up super late and decided I wanted to go to my cousin’s house to spend the night. We watched movies and drove around. We couldn’t get out so we just drove around the neighborhood then we came home and chilled out. I also decided that I wanted to get fully ready considering that I’ve spent the last few days in sweats. I put on a cute outfit and did a full face of makeup. 



Came home around 1:30 pm. I haven’t really done anything today besides try on some cute clothes my cousin gave me. I’ve just been chilling since I’ve gotten home. Tonight  my quarantine buddies probably have another movie night. Tonight might even be a self care night.