Quarantine Blogs: Riley Klumb


Monday, Mar. 30th

I began the day with a Zoom meeting with my Multimedia class to discuss our projects moving forward. I then decided to work on Psychology and continuing to build a model for my 1984 film. Afterward, I spent a decent chunk of the day researching the University of Central Florida and submitting an application*. In the aftermath of that, I attempted to cheer up my ma with some dancing. Then I went on to finish that first film model. To end the day, I began work on a puzzle with my ma while watching Community.

*This late application was due to the discovery that UCF has a really good film school, and I might have the ability to get a really good scholarship.


Tuesday, Mar. 31st 

Today I spent a majority of the day sketching a six-panel comic telling the story of Dionysus for Theater I. After working to finish up a chapter of Psychology, I decided to exercise using an elliptical and kettlebell—though not at the same time because that would be dumb. I then closed the night continuing to work on the puzzle, watching Clue and Community in the process.


Wednesday, April 1st

I revised my resume and sent it in for English then spent most of the afternoon translating my drawings from yesterday into a digital format and coloring them. At night, my ma and I finished that puzzle of Neuschwanstein Castle that we were working on while we watched Four Weddings and a Funeral


Thursday, April 2nd

I started the day with a personality quiz of the big 5 for Psych. In case you’re interested, I got 94% openness, 52% Conscientiousness, 52% Extraversion, 67% Agreeableness, and 71% Neuroticism. After once again exercising, I finished and uploaded the Dionysus comic strip. Then I watched the trailer for Wes Anderson’s new film, The French Dispatch, before reading some of One Hundred Years of Solitude. To finish the night, I watched some news before working on a new puzzle with my ma and eating some cake.


Friday April 3rd

I woke up to find my Internet was down. After spending some time exercising, this time adding weights to the mix, I decided to paint another prop for my film and work on more Psychology before dinner. After eating we sat down as a family and watched The Fellowship of the Ring.