Quarantine Blogs: Angela Sparks


Angela Sparks

Monday, April 6th:

After eating breakfast with my mom, I started my day by downloading sample essay questions from the college board website to prep for my AP Literature and Composition exam. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, college board is administering online exams that will consist of only one essay questions based off a passage. After downloading the questions and sample responses, I wrote an essay based off the 2011 prompt. I did not time myself for essay but I only finished 10 minutes over what my normal time constraints would be. After this, I did the first couple story assignments for my theater class. Before lunch with mom, I did 50 squats. During lunch, my mom and I watched television together before she returned to work. Then, I played on my switch with a couple of friends through Animal Crossing. Finally, I finished off my day with 50 more squats before dinner with my mom.

Tuesday, April 7th:

I started the day late today, but after breakfast with mom I went through my practice essay from yesterday. I cross referenced my essay with the scoring rubric and other essay responses and determined what I needed to work on. Then, I picked out a story to read for my theater assignment and I wrote a summary of it. Prior to lunch, I began my first attempt at juggling and tried to practice my technique until my mom was ready to eat. After lunch I did some experimenting with some new makeup that I’d bought and then I did 100 body weight dips. I then edited some images for my photography class and resent them to my teacher. Finally, I ended the working portion of my day by submitting files to my Yale University summer session application.

Wednesday, April 8th:

Today I started my day with finalizing and submitting my Yale University summer session application, now all I have to do is wait for a response from the university on whether I am accepted into their 10-day directing workshop that will take place over the summer. While I waited for everything in my application to submit, I started writing down and outlining possible ideas for a play script that I intend to write. I hope to get my ideas finalized by the end of the week so I can start writing and have it finished by the end of May so I can upload it to a competition. After lunch with mom and watching an episode of Jeopardy, I practiced a song for my choir class and recorded myself reading a story for theater. I then did a page of cornell notes for my English class.

Thursday, April 9th:

I began my day with going through my clothing drawers and sorting through them by taking out all my winter clothes, getting rid of clothes I never wear, and putting shirts aside that I wish to make into a blanket. After putting my summer clothes through the wash, I worked with my mom by helping her match her coworkers to their baby pictures. Then, I contacted Mrs. Jackson to ask how to upload my theater assignments and I practiced a song for choir. After all of this, I had lunch with my mom. Following lunch, I wrote an AP English practice essay and then I stretched, did 50 burpees, and ended my workout with more stretches.

Friday, April 10th:

After a late breakfast with mom, I went through my AP English practice essay and scored myself. Following this, I practice singing for choir and I practiced juggling again. I played Animal Crossing briefly while I waited for my late lunch to be ready. After lunch, I finished my page of cornell notes and I finished uploading my video for my theater story assignment. After that, I continued with my outlining for my stage play script. Following this I did some planks and relaxed before dinner time.