Quarantine Blogs: Paige Sakorafos


Monday: After I woke up, I made breakfast and ate it with my dad while watching Family Feud. After I finished breakfast, me, my sister and my mom went to my grandma’s house and dropped off some groceries for her, then we talked to her through her front door for a while. Later I made dinner with my mom, and at dinner we had a clue themed dinner, where we tried to solve a murder, and I ended up solving the murder before anyone else did. After that I went to bed and watched Jessie for a while before going to sleep.


Tuesday: I woke up and then I watched some TV in bed before going downstairs and eating breakfast. After I ate breakfast me and my family went to go get a box of groceries in rodchester. We went for a drive just to get out of the house. After that we went home and I worked on some AP Government and AP Biology homework. After that I ate dinner and went to bed and watched some youtube videos on quantum mechanics and fell asleep.


Wednesday: I woke up and ate breakfast, then I immediately begin working on my homework. Then, after I finished for the day, I took my dog out for a walk. After I got back I went to my bedroom and watched some TV. When it was time for dinner, me and my family ate and then we watched a movie together. Afterward I went to bed and watched some movies about the theory of relativity.


Thursday: I slept in today, when I went down stairs I ate breakfast, after that I began to work on my homework. After that I practiced my makeup. When I had finished that, it was dinner time and I ate dinner with my family. When I was done with dinner I went to my bedroom and did a facemask while facetiming with some friends. By the time we had hung up it was about three am so I went to bed. 


Friday: After I woke up today I went downstairs and ate breakfast with my dad. When I was done eating, I went on to do some homework. When I was done with my homework, I went and played fetch with my dog in our backyard, until my mom asked me if I wanted to come with her and go to my grandma’s house so that we could talk to her through the window. After we got back from her house, me and my family made some homemade pizza, and then we played life, and ate ice cream. When I went to bed after I watched Jessie and fell asleep.