Quarantine Blogs: Grace Petras


Monday: I woke up to some really nice weather which was fun. I had breakfast with my family which was kinda normal but appreciated nonetheless. I spent most of the day playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 (because it’s obviously the better of the two) with my brother and we ended up beating it so that was super fun! I started thinking about working on some online stuff but decided it could wait a few more days. To end the day, me and my family watched a few movies which was really cute.

Tuesday: Okay hear me out. I didn’t wanna do it but I had to give in. I made homemade bread. It was SUPER tasty and it tasted a lot like pretzels. It was a pretty normal day besides that, my parents had meetings for school and everything but nothing out of the ordinary. 

Wednesday: On Wednesday I drove over to my  great grandpa’s house and talked to him through his glass door. That honestly had been one of the most sobering things to me. Nothing sad at all, but it really made me think. Anyways, after that I got home and rearranged my room which was really fun. We got pizza for dinner which was really nice of my parents because they knew I really wanted it and I’ve been getting really anxious about this whole thing. So yeah a good day overall.

Thursday: Section leaders were announced!! Me, Niko Benka, and Calvin Hassel got it for Low Brass which was SUPER awesome but also expected. My dad and I filmed some TikToks together which was really cute. I did a little bit of homework (1 and a half assignments worth!!) so that’s cool too! I was on the phone with my friend, Buddy Bissa, for a hot sec which was really fun! 

Friday: Okay so Friday was wacky. I woke up to snow which was REALLY not rad. I also posted a few TikToks that got a lot of clout for no reason in particular but that was really fun?? I finished all the math homework I was supposed to have done on Monday so that’s cool?! My mom had DM’ed the police department or something and had an officer drive to our house to wish my brother a happy (early) birthday and it was really cute. Anyways I think that’s all I have but thank you to anyone who read this! I hope your Corona-Cation has been amazing and you’re staying sane 🙂