Quarantine Blogs: Kelly Felice



27 April 

Today, I finished my project for theater. I had to recreate a painting with materials from my house. I chose Fresco’s Sappho. I’ve always loved her poetry and the chance to “become” her was very fun. I also completed some French work, which was difficult as I’ve never been the best with foreign languages. Learning at home is especially hard for me because I find it hard to focus at times. The wildly contrasting “home” and “school” environment make it especially difficult. However, yesterday I found a YouTube video that’s supposed to act as a study aid. I’m not sure how much of it is the placebo effect because I want it to work, or if it actually works, but I definitely am glad that I found it! 

I have to say, it does feel weird to write a blog and publish it for the newspaper. I’ve written so many “Our Opinions” and my own column, but I’ve never written anything where I’ve been given complete free reign to write about whatever comes to mind. I’m looking forward to writing this!



28 April

Today, I went to the store. Having not been out since school was first let out, I was anxious about leaving. I took every precaution I could think of and was very safe, but it still made me pretty anxious. I could barely recognize myself with the mask on, which obviously isn’t a problem, but it was very strange. The store felt very dystopian as well. I was just buying some obnoxiously expensive conditioner and styler, so I didn’t need to stay very long. Going out and seeing almost everyone wearing masks was very surreal.

I hadn’t driven my car in months, obviously. Ever since getting my license, I haven’t gone more than a few days without driving. I forgot how much I loved it! My car has always been something of a symbol of freedom for me, and I’ve definitely missed just being able to leave whenever I want, (with my dad’s permission, of course). 



29 April

By the first of May, my first room and board payment to Central is due. I’m so excited to go to college. It’s been something I’ve been looking forward to since middle school, even though I never formally thought about what job I wanted until August of last year. It definitely is surreal to think that I’m going to be learning about what I’m passionate about and soon after, hopefully, I’ll be doing that. 

Currently, I want to major in psychology, but that could be subject to change. Right now, I want to be a social worker. Anything that helps kids, really. Whatever I end up doing, I know that I’m going to have to feel like I’m helping somebody, somehow. It’s the only way I think I can really be satisfied with my life. I mean that in the least self righteous and full of myself way possible. 

One thing that my mother always emphasized to her kids was to be kind, no matter what. I’ve tried to do that whenever I can. If I think that I can somehow help, I want to do it. 



30 April

Today, I talked with my sister a bit on the phone. She was going to stop by so we could talk from a “socially distant” way apart, but my niece, Abigail, was too overtired to visit. She’s one year old and absolutely amazing. Being the youngest, I’ve never really experienced the whole “younger family member” thing. Now, it’s weird to imagine that I lived in a world where I didn’t have a niece. Theater and various school obligations kept me from visiting more than it should have, and now, going away to Central is going to make it harder. I adore her and wish I could spend more time with her. I’m not really a Christmas and birthdays kind of person when it comes to family. 

The thought that I’m probably going to turn 18 in quarantine is becoming more realistic. I’m not as disappointed as I could be, since the best thing to come out of all this is that I’m spending so much time with my dad. The part that I hated most about going so far away to college is that I wouldn’t be able to consistently see him anymore. The most obnoxious part of my personality is how often I talk about how much I love my dad. One thing that’s been keeping me happy during all this is my dad’s ability to make me laugh. 



1 May

Today, we had interviews for the Titan Theater Troupe student board. Becoming a member of the troupe was one of the best decisions I have ever made and it’s been amazing to be a member at large for such a great company.

I told my friend yesterday that it felt so “end of an era” and I guess it is. Even though we had no idea it could’ve ended this way, I’m still insanely proud of everyone. In the beginning, I never would have imagined half the things that happened, and I don’t think sophomore me would recognize senior me. Junior me would barely recognize senior me, if I’m being honest. This isn’t a bad thing. Growing up and becoming who you never expected is not a bad thing. If I lived my life the way I thought it out in sophomore year, I would’ve missed out on so many great things. 

I guess I’m going full sentimental senior on the last day of this blog, but honestly, I think it’s been pretty cheesy all the way through, so this was almost expected. I’ve had a lot of fun writing about myself this week!