Quarantine Blogs: Alexandra Koenders


Monday: Today was the first day since mid march that my Mom went to work. While I have remained relatively calm through this whole experience, having her leave the house for a whole day was a little nerve wrecking. We followed the proper procedure when we got home, so I’m not that worried anymore. I am currently studying as best I can for the AP English exam. Unfortunately my days are pretty boring.


Tuesday: My family has started watching The Office together! I have been a long time fan of the show, so getting to rewatch it all with my family has been fun. They ask me for spoilers, but I never give them any. I actually managed to be kind of productive today, which was a nice feeling. I came up with some puns for my Dad’s D&D campaign. As a long time lover of puns, it was fun to stretch my brain and get back to making them.


Wednesday: Today marks the first week since the beginning of the school year where I did not have any work to do for my dual enrollment art class at CCS. The class finished last week and I feel like there is a big hole in my life. This class has been a constant source of joy for me all year. Even on my worst days I could look forward to doing work for my dual enrollment. Being done with is bittersweet, because even though I loved that class it took up about 50% of my week. Between that and Newspaper I never had time for myself. I’m excited to keep learning and creating art in the future!


Thursday: Today was a weird day. My little sister is a big cosplay nerd. A part of her cosplay came in the mail today so she was dressed in cosplay all day. I have nothing against cosplay, but it is weird to have a tiny gremlin in the house with Demon horns. I have been slowly trying to chip away at my online assignments, but my motivation is becoming increasingly hard to find these days. There are just so many other things I want to do! Like drawing animal crossing characters!! And designing my own pins! My social life might be dead but at least my art is thriving in quarantine. I hope you are all doing well.


Friday: My mom was from work today so we has breakfast together this morning. The best part of quarantine so far has been being able to spend time with my family, so getting to spend time with her was nice. We watched in old Audrey Hepburn movie, Sabrina. It was really good. I participated in a virtual life drawing class conducted by the art school I really want to go to. It was nice to draw with a group again after having gone so long drawing alone. 


Saturday: My family went on a long drive to Toledo today. It has been our goal during quarantine to see all the Great Lakes, so we drove through Ohio and went along the coast of Lake Erie. Ohio does not have a shelter in play law right now. It was crazy to see all the restaurants open to sit down in and all the people on the road. We went to a metro park and saw nature, (while social distancing of course). It was a fun day, and it was nice to get out of the house. 


Sunday: In all honesty, today was kind of boring. I played scrabble with my family and did some art. I tried to do some homework but it didn’t work out well. I mostly just watched YouTube and spent time with my family. Since quarantine started I have been doing a lot of cooking. Tonight I helped my Mom make dinner, an activity I usually stay out of. My mom is an amazing cook, so getting to cook with her always teaches me a lot.