Senior Survey – Where do you see yourself in five years?

“ I want to receive my BFA in musical theatre and then move to a city to find work.” –Jennifer Hopper


“ I don’t really have any plans because I feel like things always change so I don’t wanna shoot for something high and not get it.” –John Zefi


“ To go college for next 4 years and hopefully walk out with my degree and become a Registered Nurse.” –Makayla Morpus


“ I don’t really have any major ideas, I don’t even have a plan for next year. I just want to graduate from college and be living on my own.” –Angela Sparks


“In five years I hope to graduate from Wayne State University with an MD in engineering and a BD in business association and work at a well respected engineering company.” –Arrelle Rawls


“My five year plan is basically to go to college at Oakland university, so later I can be on stage acting or singing.” –Mary Kate Pardington


“My five year plan is getting a job, get my license, going to night school, getting my own house and play bowling for the rest of my life.” –Jordan Brisbois


“I plan to attend Central Michigan University and major in elementary education.” –Zena Ferrara


“I hope to go to Winstate University to study business.” –Louis Francis


“My plan is to go to the University of Michigan and learn business and get a job.” –Anjali Francis


“I plan to go to a university and study to become an environmental biologist.” –Megan Folz


“I’m going to Oakland Community College and then I will be a police officer.” –Stone Foltz


“I plan to go to college to become a high school band director.” –Mckenzye Heischer


“So far I plan to go to Oakland University but after that I have no idea.” –Brian Garcia


“My five year plan is to go to community college for two years and then transfer to a university for four years I do not think that it is a bad plan, because I don’t know what I want to do yet, so going to community college buys me some time and it is cheaper than going straight to a university.” –Courtnee Delph


“In five years, I want to be done with my bachelors and working on my masters at Oakland University.”-Tatiana Benka


“My five-year plan is to be finishing up a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering and specializing in either food service or pharmaceutical compounding.” -Joshua Zaharof


“In five years I plan to be graduating from Michigan State University with a major in marketing and ready to take on a full time job.” -Jocelyn Bellhorn


“In five years, I hope to have a degree in political sciences and social working.” -Josh Morris