Senior Survey: What teacher will you remember the most?

“ The teacher I will remember most from highschool is most likely Mr. Sekich or Mr. Humbach, since I’ve been with them for 4 years.” –Hannah Tomasko


“Well, in general, it would be Michael Allore from CSI and Christopher Schultz from Stevenson” –Riley Klumb


“The teacher I’ll remember the most is Mrs. Koenke and Mrs. Lindquist – both being super nice and funny if you talk to them and top tier math teachers.” –John Zefi


“The teacher I will remember the most is Mr. Sekich because joining the band was like my gateway into high school and knowing I could always come to the band room was really pleasant. Same for Mrs. Jackson as well.” –Courtnee Delph


“The teacher I will remember most from high school is either Mr. Macleod from honors english 10 or Mrs. McCloud from English 12. Mr. Macleod was one of very few teachers that thought and treated me like I was an adult which helped me pass an “advanced” English class for the first time and Mrs.McCloud taught me to try and be more out going and explore different options and use different ways to hit the same target for essays she helped me pass English 12 and gave me my first A on an essay.” –Rocco Castiglione


“I’ll remember Mrs. Mcvay the most because she is the sweetest and one of the most genuinely caring people I’ve ever met. It is fun hearing her get so excited over the books we read in class.” –Nick Bruett 


“The teacher I will remember most from high school is Mrs. Lindquist, she was my Algebra 1 and 2 teacher and I really liked the way she taught. I genuinely felt like she cared about her students. I hope my little sister gets her so I can visit her sometime.”-Riley Feil


“The teacher I will remember most is Mr. McCloud who was my ADVID, Honors English 10 teacher because he’s funny and he encouraged me to succeed in school.” –Zena Ferrara


“My favorite teacher is Mr. McCloud, because he always helped me with either schoolwork or personal problems.” –Louis Francis


“My favorite teacher is my French teacher because she was very active and made me want to know more about the language.” –Anjali Francis


“Ms. Kavis because she has always been helpful and was kind and understanding to me.” –Megan Folz


“Mrs. Ackoff, who teaches English 12, because she helps me the most with my problems.” –Stone Foltz


“Mr. Sekich, the band director, because he has made a huge impact on my life in a variety of ways.” –Mckenzye Heischer


“Mr. Hayze because of how he paid special attention to each of his students.” –Brian Garcia