Senior Survey: What was your favorite high school memory?

“My favorite high school memory was when we won 2nd place at MIFA states my sophomore year.”  –Angela Sparks 


“My favorite high school memory was winning White Castle’s Capture the Crave contest and being inducted into the White Castle Hall of Fame with my best friend Sean Nguyen.” –Dayton Porter


“My best memory of high school was definitely marching season. We always had so much fun, and this year we got to see the play off games, which made it more fun.” –Hannah Tomasko


“Being in Women’s Chorus and getting the opportunity from choir to go to Ford Field to sing the National Anthem in front of 65,000 people at a Lions game with other students.” –Makayla Morpus


“I guess it would have to be playing Powderpuff football junior and senior year, winning games and making friends on the team.” –Zena Ferrara


“My best memory of high school is doing cross country runs in my junior year.” –Louis Francis


“I think my best memory was getting the French award for taking a really hard test.” –Anjali Francis


“Going to football games with my friends.” –Megan Folz


“My best memory of high school is going to a football game.” –Stone Foltz


“My first homecoming with the marching band.” –Mckenzye Heischer


“I’d probably say that knowing this was the final year and all the memories I made with my friends.” –Brian Garcia


“My best high school memory is getting to win swim championships my senior year at my own pool. It felt amazing to spend my senior year with such a good memory.” -Tatiana Benka


“I would have to say that my best high school memory is marching band, especially this year since we had festival on or own turf.” -Hannah Tomasko


“My best high school memories are the ones I had on field trips with the band and French club. -Julia Daniels


“I was in marching band, winter guard and theatre, so I met a bunch of people and they are who I spent almost all of my time with! Being a part of a club or a sport is just the best way to find friends and connect with people.” -Courtnee Delph


“My best high school memory was winning divisions of my senior swim season undefeated.” -Makenna Delph


“I spent my time during high school with ‘arts kids,’ like theatre/band/choir kids.” –Makenna Delph