Senior Survey: What bestie(s) do you share your best times with and what is one of those best times?

“My best friend that I share the best memories with is funnily enough Joshua Wilson I was kinda sad that we fell off sophomore year because he moved away from our houses but glad we reconnected the next year like nothing happened.” –Rocco Castiglione


“Literally everyone in the band is my bestie and I have a great memory with just about all of them. I love those guys!” –Nick Bruett


“The bestie that I share the most memories with is Alyssa Gilante. Her and I hung out so much and did so much stuff together that I do not know where I would be without her.” –Hannah Grace


“My friends in ADVID. One of my best memories would be before a Powderpuff game my friends and I would dress up and take pictures together.” –Zena Ferrara


“One of my besties is Matthew Asterik and my best memory with him is just chilling.” –Louis Francis


“One of my besties is Achsah Tom and one of the best moments we shared was when the teacher called on her and Achsah had no clue what the question was.” –Anjali Francis


“My best friends are Adrianna and Alexi and our best memory is 9th grade where we hung out and had fun.” –Megan Folz


“My two besties are Kenny Bartek and Alex Bennefield and my best memory with them is chilling behind a dirt mound at my house.” –Stone Foltz


“Isabella Maceau. Constantly stealing her away from her father’s house for sleepovers is my best memory.” –Mckenzye Heischer


“My best friend is Andrew Lucas and my best memory with is going to the arcade and having fun.” –Brian Garcia


“My best friends that I spent high school with are Cheyanne Orlando, Courtnee Delph, Seth Pelkey, Roman Reschke, Emily Sedelmeyer, and Kaitlyn Barbaglia.” -Joshua Zaharof