Senior Photo Gallery

Senior Photo Gallery
“Posing for a photo with friends Maxenne Labasbas, McKenna Delph and Katie Chalcraft at Stevenson in front of some lockers.” –Zena Ferrara 
“Posing with Angela Sparks and Bonnie Ruan at the senior football game.”- Courtnee Delph
“Posing in my cap and gown.”- Courtnee Delph
“Posing with Courtnee Delph on the bleachers at the senior football game.”- Joshua Zaharof
“Taken during a performance of Stevenson’s showing of “The Jungle Book”.” – Riley Klumb
“Posing with Willam Schwesighner at the girl varsity swim banquet.”-Makenna Delph
“Posing in a cap and gown at a senior photoshoot at Prestige.” – Angela Sparks
“Posing for a senior photoshoot at Prestige.” – Angela Sparks
“Troupe 33 posing after coming back from MIFA’s state competition.”- Dayton Porter
“Posing for my induction into the White Castle Hall of Fame.”- Dayton Porter
“Just chilling in Auto with my group of friends, Brendon Cacaj, Connor Everden, Neko Genova, Bradley Hudson, Karam Hana and Ramsin Qaryo. These guys really made my senior year great.” – Christian Emanuel
“Posing for a photo with my powderpuff team members, Paige Finlay, Jessica Hall, Nicole Husken, Maxenne Lasbas, Emily Spinek, Malika Khaira, Sophia Costa and Mari Gegaj. Powderpuff was one of my favorite experiences of high school from meeting new friends to playing the game.” – Jessica Gauthier 
“Showing off the powderpuff uniforms with Julia Shawver. Powderpuff has given me some really great memories, it is crazy, you make some friends you never thought you would be talking to.” – Kayla Stewart
“Taking some photos at ‘our’ homecoming with Bobby Yaxley, Connor Jauw, Buddy Bissa, Ethan Moscone, Sophia Corpel and Anna Gallina. This moment was great because I got to spend time with my friends without the hustle of going to the traditional homecoming.” – Hannah Tomasko
“Taking a picture after winning our first tournament with the junior varsity volleyball team Marylynn Akhilomhen, Maryann Akhilomhen, Summer Higgins,Ciera Higgins, Ayianna Felix, Cait lopata, Scarlett Thomson, Lauren Nemens, Kristy Duong, Isabella Rincon, Gabby Gerardi, Lydia Cudini and Cecilia Pellerito. “This season didn’t go exactly as I pictured and we had a tough tie but all in all we pulled through and I can not wait for next season.”-MaryAnn Akhilomhen


Posing for pictures Mary Kate Pardington, Dizireah Bell, Mariah Tribideu, and Arianna Bartes hold flowers the team bought them, as they take a picture at their last bowling tournament as seniors before regionals. “I really enjoyed bowling and getting to know these girls for the past few years and I am going to miss bowling” –Mary Kate Pardington
Winding back Rocco Castiglione poses for senior pictures. “I am going to miss bowling a lot because it was like a big family for people who were a part of it. Everyone was connected so much that even when I saw people in the bowling alley I did not know they would know who I was.” –Rocco Castiglione 
“ Nolan Ethridge, Dominic Rzeppa, and Sophia Yabut performing Troupe 33’s showing of “The Diviners”.”- Dayton Porter
“Posing with my friend Rocco Castigloine after having a blast at the bowling alley.” – Michael Fullar
“Taking a selfie with my friend Hannah Tomasko.” – Alyssa Galante
“Posing for homecoming photos with my buddy Matthew Asker.” – Louis Francis

“Posing for a photo after having a blast at the arcade.” – Brian Gracia
Embracing school spirit through colors and school wear Kayla Scaffner, Maxeen Labasbas, Zena Ferrara and Arrelle Rawls pose for a picture during the homecoming rally. “We were really excited for the homecoming that night.”-Arrelle Rawls 
During practice Zena Ferrara, Jade Cheverez and Arrelle Rawls hype up before the game to practice their different techniques. “I had a blast being on the powderpuff team and making friends with people I used to just walk past in the hallway. I loved being part of a team with people who were nice all around.”-Arrelle Rawls 
Posing for senior graduation pictures. “Stevenson, thank you for all the experiences and memories. I have met many great people and have had an interesting time growing up here over these past three years, I will truly miss it. Thanks for everything! Good luck to you all and see you out there in the real world.”-Hannah Gartley
“Taking pictures for graduation in my cap and gown.”-Riley Feil
“Jumping for the ball, the Stevenson girls basketball team players Miranda Shaya and Razan Sami run down the court as they play against another team.”-Miranda Shaya 
“Standing on the sidelines during a game Miranda Shaya, Crystal Stokes, Razan Sami and Serenity Stocker cheer on their teammates as they wait to be put in.”-Miranda Shaya
“Taking pictures for graduation in my cap in gown.”-Makayla Morpus
“Stevenson Theatre and Stagecraft plays murder guessing game before break. 10/10 would recommend.” – Arrelle Rawls
“Stevenson Theater and Stagecraft classes collaborate to host an amazing showing of “The Jungle Book” for the fall children’s play.” – Arrelle Rawls
“ Posing with Sam Azou, Maryana Zaya, Amaryllis Hannosh, Marisa Fisher, Connor Dilworth, Isabella Marceau, and Mariah Lynn before performing Stevenson’s Night of Comedy”- Riley Klumb