Valentine Overtime

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a day where people express their affection for each other andspend time with their loved ones. Yet, the day has evolved from doting love to another capitalistic holiday.

Instead of making memories with a significant other, people have bought into the trap of spending money and buying gifts. 

According to a statistic on the National Retail Federation website, “Valentine’s Day,” by the NRF team, “Valentine’s Day spending reached $23.9 billion this year (2022), up from $21.8 billion in 2021 and the second-highest year on record.”

Although gifts can carry a sentimental value, their current use has become a public attraction. Gifts, such as teddy bears and flowers, have blurred loving meaning and turned into another way for a social media user to gain followers.

Straying away from its original purpose, Valentine’s Day has evolved into a day where people boast about their gifts on social media and do not appreciate the time they spend with the ones they love.

According to an article on the Duluth News Tribune website, “Local view Valentine’s Day: Social media ruins my generation’s perception of love.” by Tanner Eck (Feb. 14, 2022), “It is a lot easier to say you are doing well and to put on a show while behind a screen than to try to do so in-person, face to face with someone. This is what absolutely destroys my generation’s perception of love. Someone can be a completely different person over the phone. They can be that sweet, good person. Off the phone, it can be a different reality.”

Social media has corrupted Valentine’s Day with expectations and priorities that drift from the holiday’s loving meaning. Loving and cherishing those close to you is what Valentine’s Day is all about. It is not about how much money is spent or what gifts are received, or how it can be shared to social media to gain followers, but it is about sharing love with people that you care about and who care for you. 

Opponents argue that Valentine’s Day should be used as a marketing opportunity. According to a blog on the Fundbox website, “Why you should use Valentine’s Day as a marketing opportunity.” by the Fundbox staff (Feb. 7, 2022), “Social holidays—such as Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Halloween—are a great way to engage current clients and potential customers.”

Making Valentine’s Day about money steers it away from that warm and loving purpose. Valentine’s Day is about love and affection. People should spend the holiday writing love letters, buying sentimental gifts and spending time with their partners.

Evolving into another capitalistic holiday where people over consume to brag on social media, Valentine’s Day has changed over time. It is losing its meaning and purpose to share and express love and becoming a capitalistic weapon hard to fight against.