Student clubs can help enhance high school experience

For some, high school is arguably the best part of a teen’s life. However, it is not just what is learned in classes that makes these years stand out, but the activities that students are involved in after school.

The high school experience can be enhanced by joining an extracurricular activity. Even clubs that are not as known can be just as beneficial as the more popular clubs.

“I joined film club because creativity was my forte and I was interested in acting and editing films,” Tara Twal ‘18, president, said. “Film club was created two years ago. It used to be a small club, but has grown a lot. I plan the meetings to make sure people are doing something all hour, and I pick board members to help with the work. We had a lot of fun last year and were like a family.”

New students coming into schools have many options to choose from.

“When you are in a new school, it can be very intimidating to join clubs,” Angela Sparks ‘20 said. “I think that other sophomores should join clubs because it is a good opportunity to get involved in your new school and to meet new friends. People need to approach others and take part of more things because that is what high school is all about.”

Being in several clubs can make students more well-rounded and better prepares them for balancing school with life outside the classrooms.

“Other students may believe that being in more than one club is impossible,” Danielle Clary ‘19 said. “But it really is not. It can be stressful sometimes, but most things in life are. I am in Peer-to-Peer, marching band and Colorguard, and I might be joining National Honor Society. It sounds like a lot, but if you just take it day by day, it is easy to manage. Joining more than one club can be very rewarding.”

Clubs not only make life interesting, but they can help students in the long run.

“There are a variety of reasons to join clubs, such as social networking, the ability to be a part of something larger then oneself and leverage of interests,” Chuck Nassar, counselor, said. “Students want to get together and share anything that they are passionate about in a safe environment. Colleges also love it when students join clubs because it gives the student depth. Students believe that college is one dimensional, that the only thing that matters are grades and test scores, but that is not the case. Colleges want students who show leadership and are well rounded. Clubs are a great way to show that.”