Minimum wage causes mixed opinions among students


Photo by Sarena Danou

Minimum wage has been covered in controversy ever since the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007. The battle between cities and states over who should be the ones to decide what minimum wage is brings the controversy back to life in 2017.

Raising minimum wage can help workers pay for more necessities and increase the quality of life.

“I work at Fuddruckers,” Guinevere Barger ‘18 said. “I work for [the minimum wage of] $8.90 an hour, and I do not think it is enough. I work hard for the money I make and I feel that I deserve more for what I do. The minimum wage should be raised so that way people who actually work are getting paid for what they do and are able to support their family if they need to.”

Raising the minimum wage is not on everyone’s wish list.

“Minimum wage is at a decent pay rate,” Hope Goss ‘19 said. “I do not think we should raise it. If that happens, then product prices will increase and companies will lay off workers. I do not think people can live off minimum wage, but these kinds of jobs are meant for teens and part time workers. They do not need to survive off what they make because they have their parents support as well.”

Despite being able to help individual people, raising the minimum wage can negatively affect businesses, and even raise unemployment.

“Minimum wage has a negative effect on microeconomics,” Timothy Brandon, economic teacher, said. “It helps individuals, but it hurts businesses. If a company has to spend more on their employees, that means they get less revenue in profit, so they put that cost on the consumers. It can also raise unemployment. If I run a small business and pay three people minimum wage, and minimum wage raises, then I can only afford to hire two people, which means I have to fire one.”

Some believe that minimum wage is just fine the way it is.

“The minimum wage should stay the same,” Jillian Nikolaji ‘20 said. “I think minimum wage is there for a reason, and though it would be nice for a little extra money, jobs that pay minimum wage are only starter jobs. Raising it would make the price of things go up and then people are going to want to raise it again. Though I feel that if it was necessary to raise the minimum wage, that it should be done slowly so that way people are not freaking out because of a sudden spike of prices. Raising the minimum wage would allow people to think that they do not need to go to college but instead be able to skate through life working at a Drive-Through window. I am happy working at Jet’s Pizza, but I plan on going to college to get a better job since people cannot and should not be living off of minimum wage.”