SHS boy’s basketball team defeats Henry Ford II during Midnight Madness

Shooting toward the basket and a new season, the Stevenson High School boys basketball team hosted and won the 5th Annual Midnight Madness scrimmage versing Henry Ford II Nov. 18.

“The Midnight Madness scrimmage is the way we start every season,” said Mark Lacombe, varsity coach. “Throughout the night, the team goes through player introductions, dunk contests, 3-point contests and a varsity scrimmage. We won the scrimmage, but the score does not really matter since it was just a scrimmage and not a real season game. This scrimmage helps us get excited for our season games though.”

Midnight Madness opens the love fest between the team and fans.

“The Midnight Madness game is different from regular games,” Niko Ramsey ‘18 said. “As high school athletes, we do not really get to interact with the fans at our games, but at this game, it is different. We take the time to talk with fans and we can enjoy them being there and cheering us on. I think the only thing we have to work on now as a team is our offense. There is no specific team we would like to beat, but just try to win all of our games. I think we will do very well based on how this scrimmage went and I think we will have a lot of success.

Midnight Madness creates an open forum and dialogue.

“Midnight Madness was really fun this year,” Alyssa Rhein ‘20 said. “The team got to interact with the crowd, which is something they normally do not do. I had a lot of fun with my friends this year and it was a great way for the boys team to start off their season. Plus, the team won and it is always better to be at game where the team wins.”

The Midnight Madness scrimmage allowed the team to see some of the things they need to work on before the season starts.

“I think that we did a good job with our defense during the game,” Nathan Nemens ‘19 said. “We won by 17 points, so I think that shows that our defense is pretty good to start off. On the other hand, we do have to work on conditioning. When I first got on the court, I felt good, but then I got slower as the game went on. I am more in shape for soccer right now, but I need to be in shape for basketball.”

The event brings peers together.

“The Midnight Madness event was pretty crazy, but very cool this year,” Grace Ferland ‘18 said. “There were so many more events than just a game. During the night, there was a dunk contest, shooting competition, player introductions and then the scrimmage. I think this is a great school event that helps launch the basketball season. I cannot wait to go next year and see what other events they will come up with.”

The first game of the season is away at Skyline High School in Ann Arbor Dec. 9. at 8 p.m.