Electronic gifts becoming increasingly popular among students


Sarena Danou

Brynn LeBlanc '19 and Angle Kajy '18 exchange gifts for the holidays.

From toy trains to Barbie dolls, gifts have evolved over time to match the technological advances and interests of people over time. In the 21st Century, gifts are increasingly becoming more and more electronic.

Gifts have always been molded to the interests and ideas of the time, and they have changed a great amount from the time our parents and teachers were children.

“Among my favorite gifts as a kid were an Atari video game system and games to go with it,” Carolyn Frischman, social studies teacher, said. “PacMan, Donkey Kong, Asteroid, and Pole Position, a 10-speed bike, records and cassettes of my favorite albums, and Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, the Bobsey Twins, and Laura Ingalls Wilder books.”

Even within the last 10-15 years, the technological advances have become so great that the gifts received then are almost unrecognizable to now.

“For Christmas now, I really only receive things like game consoles and video games,” Aidan Leggio ‘19 said. “It is completely different to what I received when I was little. When I was little, I got more things like Legos and actual toys. It was most definitely not as electronic as it is now. Although I appreciate electronics, I do miss when we actually interacted more with in real life type things.”

Toys have stiff competition from Silicon Valley.

“I think [little] children should not be getting some of these electronic gifts,” Emily Zynda ‘19 said. “Touchscreen products do not help develop their brains and end up hurting them in the long run. I think that it is okay for teenagers to get them because all of our critical development has already happened.”

Despite the negativity, gifts are still extremely popular and will continue to gain popularity because the future is even more and better technology.

“I like electronic gifts because they are expensive and never get old,” Elana Ishaya ‘20 said. “They provide entertainment more than other types of gifts. They just makes things easier. You always have the internet if you have a question, and you can contact anyone you need. It is just really great to have these things at our fingertips.”