Our Opinion: Club writes for the rights of the innocent

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Our Opinion: Club writes for the rights of the innocent

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Fighting for human rights and keeping First Amendment rights alive is represented by the Amnesty Club, a new school organization based off of parent club Amnesty International.

Amnesty Club is dedicated to fighting for people who cannot fight for themselves. It brings light to some of the most common priority issues, including the death penalty, gun violence and people’s gender, sexuality and identity.

“I feel like this club will help with some of the issues we face today in society,” Makenna Delph ‘20 said. “I would definitely join this club because they stand for human rights. I think violations in human rights’ issues need to be brought up more, especially with all the bad problems going on in the world such as kidnappings and arresting innocent people. If we can bring light to some of the issues the world faces and put our opinions into making a change, it would be very good for the school and society.”

The club is bases its club guidelines from of Amnesty International, a global movement of millions of people demanding human rights for all people, no matter who they are or what they are.

“Amnesty Club hopes to make a change around the world by students voicing their opinions,” Katiya Barkho ‘18, board member, said. “Our goal for the club is to get students to use their First Amendment right and send letters to governments to try and persuade or change their decisions. The club will get about 10 cases a year dealing with human rights issues and we will help solve and voice our opinions to government officials. We meet twice a month to discuss these issues. The club also has movie and poetry days on the days we are not writing letters.”

All people have fundamental human rights, but those rights are abused or denied every single day. Amnesty Club hopes to change that.

“The club is meant to bring awareness to not known cases and problems, such as gun control, kidnappings and human rights,” Christian Yousif ‘19, board member, said. “The club will hopefully change the outcomes of cases of people who have been wrongfully convicted here and around the world. People who are imprisoned without being charged with anything could be helped by these letters being written to the government officials by our club. Many people do not know about these worldwide problems that we are trying to bring light to.”

People are wrongfully imprisoned because of who they are or what they believe. The club hopes to change laws and bring respect to everyone’s human rights.

“Amnesty Club is a club that raises awareness for social issues around the world,” Troy Hayes, club advisor, said. “The club will get kids to see things beyond their own world and realize that there are other issues than their own. Students benefit by getting to meet students from around the world and from all different social groups. The changes this club can make not only benefit different worlds, but it can also help solve issues in the local community.”

Amnesty Club meets twice a month. The cases have already started, but is not too late join. The next meeting will be on Dec. 14.

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