Remembering the Titans


Pushing through the defense line, Calvin Sitto '18 (#23) runs toward the end zone. Photo by Ambassador Yearbook staff.

As seniors start their last year of high school, they also start the last of some of the last events they will attend as seniors, as the final weeks of Friday Night Lights fade to memory.

Memories of football have a huge role for the players themselves.

“I will definitely miss the games on Fridays,” Austin Nichols ‘18, varsity safety, said. “The Friday night games are a huge deal to not only me, but the team as well. We put all our effort together to do what we love and aim for victory. Even though these will be our last games, I look forward to my Saturday night football games when we all go off to college.”

Bonds lasting a lifetime are formed through these memories on and off the field.

“It is hard to believe that it is all coming to an end,” Zac Harrison ‘18, varsity tight end, said. “I have been playing football since I was six years old. I think most of the team feels like I do, as in we will keep talking to each other and never forget these past four years, they will not disappear. Everyone has and will continue to play as hard as they can until the last game is over.”

Faculty members even have their own input about these lasting memories.

“I feel it is important to go to the games and experience the excitement and support the team,” Curtis Davis, science teacher, said. “Seniors will miss the memories they are making at the games. There are still graduates that come back for the games on Friday night.  I went to Stevenson as well and I have many memories at the Friday night football games.”

Friday Night Lights are not just for the upperclassmen either.

“I always cheer our team on,” Adriana Jorudd ‘20 said. “I believe our school has plenty of Titan pride to pass around the students and the team has an amazing crowd to back it up. I love going to the football games because it brings the student body together. These memories are the memories I will cherish forever, even though I know I cannot hold on forever.”