Fellow Titan creates app to award good attendance with treats

Photo featured here is the cover for the app.

Photo featured here is the cover for the app.

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The Titan Shoppe has now created a new innovative way for the students to save money and also improve attendance. The app, SHS Rewards was designed by Christina Roki ‘19 and is only available in the Apple app store. The app offers points when the ‘I’m here’ button is pushed and after the school location is recognized. Points are awarded and can be accumulated over time for treats that are popular within the school, such as 25 cents off a cookie or 50 cents off a bagel.  The concept of this app is an amazing idea that rewards good behavior such as being at school on time. The app has a very simple design and there should be more to it than just a minimal reward to this one-click app. The app should also be available to other store besides the Apple app store, so it can be available to all students. This app is given three stars because it has a great concept of saving Titans money, but should have more ideas to attract a wider audience.


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