Spirit Week increases Titans spirits


Relaxing on a bench near the front office, Arrelle Rawls ‘19 shows her Titan pride by participating in Pajama Friday on the last day of Winter Spirit Week in February. Photo by Veronica Isho and Hannah Gartley.

Building a family takes a lot of time and effort. Building a school where students and teachers alike act like a family is no different.
The Student Council has been working to promote this family by setting up activities to bring the school together. They could be as big as a dance, or as small as initiating a Spirit Week.

“Spirit Week is always a fun event,” Christopher Homrocky ’18 said. “Watching everyone dressing up with friends and spreading their school spirit is great. I feel like it promotes school unity and supports a better community in the school. A downfall of Spirit Week is how hard it is to get kids to participate. But, we do advertise. A lot of the work that goes into Spirit Week is adverting posters, announcements and just spreading the word in general is our main focus.”

Spirit Week’s importance to the school is not just the physical appeal of the dressing up, but the influence it has on the students.

“I love Spirit Week,” Vanessa Mansoor ’20 said. “A lot of people I know, especially my friends, participate. We do all the fun days together and coordinate what we are doing. The previous time was right after exams, so not too many people knew about it. But when they spread the word and include all of my favorite days, Spirit Week is great. Overall, I feel that spirit days boost school morale and gives students and teachers something to bond over.”

Preparing for Spirit Week takes work and dedication, not just from those in Student Council, but from everyone in the school.

“We focus on a specific event or theme,” Lisa Lucas, Student Council advisor, said. “And then make sure the days are varied so that lots of students can participate. We try to choose a spirit day that will get the most participation. I believe the we need to be careful to not have all crazy Spirit Days and include days like color days, so that students who might be embarrassed by dressing weird would feel comfortable just wearing a shirt of a certain color. Students are more likely to attend school, fell vested int eh success of the school and graduate. I do not think there are any alternatives to Spirit Week. I believe they serve their own purpose. When there is a push to participate, more students will want to be a part of their community. Students that feel like they are part of a community statistically do better in school, as well as feel safer and happier.”