Profession sparks at young age


Photo by Kyle Kiesler

Writers spend hours slaving over what characters will do, what words to choose or describing the exact details down to the dust littering the room. This is the work that all writers do, regardless of age. Teen writers are just as valid as adult writers no matter what genre they write for, including fan fiction.

According to a Steven Petite article in the Huffington Post, ‘Are Young Writers Interesting?’ (Nov. 1, 2013) “It does not matter if you are a Pulitzer Prize winner or an everyday guy, judging a book by its cover is the same as judging a writer by his age.”

Young writers are often swept to the side and ignored, which in fact it should be just the opposite. Their content should be the subject of critiques, and only that. Writers of all ages should be encouraged, especially those who are younger. Age is not something that should measure talent against writers.

According to Caroline Knorr’s article on CNN, ‘Inside the racy, nerdy world of fan fiction,’ (July 5), “It could be the start of a career. Authors Meg Cabot (The Princess Diaries and Airhead) and Neil Gaiman (the Sandman series) have revealed that they have written fan fiction.”

In the realm of teen writing, fan fiction is modern and greatly written genre. However, this does not make fan fiction writing any less valid of a writing concept. It is a completely okay for someone who has discovered their passion for such an art. Although the characters may be another person’s creation, teenagers can use them as an upstart for their own writing. Fanfiction is a creative outlet that teens and even adults engage in.

According to Mackenzie Patel’s article on the Huffington Post, ‘My Journey of Self-Publishing,’ (Sept. 18, 2014), “Do not let others tell you that you are too young to be a published author.”

Anyone can be a published author if energy is directed towards that goal and if they target the right companies or websites. No one can stifle the amount of effort put into a goal unless one gives into words that are only meant to knock them down.

Be open to critiques. Be aware of those only there to be condescending. Importantly, do not throw away talent because others believe being young equals being unskilled.

Writing is an enjoyable and important hobby. Whether it becomes a career for one or not, it is an undeniably refreshing hobby. Writers of all ages should be treated with equal amounts of respect. They should be acknowledged for the quality of their work not their age.