The sun never sets on Mickey’s empire


Photo by Ashley Farris

One company to rule the galaxy, at least, that is what it seems Disney may be trying to be come since buying 21st Century Fox. Disney continues to buy out all their competitors which is widening their empire and deepening their pockets. The strength of the Disney dynasty get stronger every day.

According to Brooke Barnes’ New York Times article “Disney Makes $52.4 Billion Deal for 21st Century Fox in Big Bet on Streaming” (Dec. 14, 2017), “The Walt Disney Company said Thursday that it had reached a deal to buy most of 21st Century Fox, the empire controlled by Rupert Murdoch, in an all-stock transaction valued at roughly $52.4 billion.”

With Disney buying a portion of FOX Studios, Disney once again adds more property to  their list. Disney creates an endless empire of magic and imagination, but when that magic becomes the only source of entertainment, it could leave no room for variety and creativity.

Entertainment should not be owned by a singular company. The way television and films are perceived should be different background and different communities and when one company rules it all, that company exterminates varieties and styles.

Disney has been slowly overtaking the animation field. If one company owns all of the entertainment, it could diminish jobs of young future animators. Disney might not want to hire upcoming animators that do not conform to their style.

According to an article on USA Today by Matt Krantz, Mike Snider, Marco Della Cava and Bryan Alexander, “Disney buys out Lucas Film for $4 billion” (Oct. 30, 2012), “The buyout is Disney’s fourth largest deal ever. It is behind the $19.7 billion, $7.6 billion and $5.2 billion buyouts of Capital Cities/ABC in 1995, Pixar in 2006 and Fox Family in 2001, respectively, says S&P Capital IQ. It tops the $3.96 billion Disney paid for Marvel in August 2009.”

The story lines of the Lucas Films products then conformed to Disney’s image of Star Wars and did not leave it to the original creator to add content that those animators had envisioned. Lucas Films was a great company when it was standing by itself, such as the originality of Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Not only did Disney piggy back on Lucas Films’ originality, they also distributed their content on several media platforms, such as the countless television series and shorts that ruined the overall content and meaning of these two series.

Disney may have a better deal when it is coming to FOX Studios, but growing a company that is already more successful than any other company can imagine makes it seem like Disney will not be happy until they own the entire entertainment industry. This could take away how entertainment is perceived by younger audiences and could take away individuality and variety that can be shown from more than one entertainment platform.

With Disney setting the bar in animation, Disney steals the limelight from smaller animators that can produce just as much magic as the Disney wand itself. Small animation companies, such as DreamWorks owned by Universal Studios, can produce quality movies that can be just as successful as Mickey’s projects. With Disney narrowing the playing field, entertainment prices from Disney merchandise could sky rocket.

According to Cartoon Brews article written by Amid Amidi “After Disney-Fox Deal, Will Blue Sky Studios and Fox Animation Continue to Exist(Dec 15, 2017), “Blue Sky is now set to become part of the Disney empire. But many are wondering whether Disney will want to keep the studio. Considering that Disney already owns two of the most successful studios in the United States – Walt Disney Animation and Pixar Animation Studios – it may not make much sense strategically to operate a third studio.”

Today, when everything is going online, Disney should not be the sole source of entertainment. Future Titian animators and art students, or anyone who are interested in the entertainment or the technology business, should be able to have what they want to envision, and have it come to life in the most magical way possible without bending creativity to one empire.