HOSA gains experience preparing for competitions

Health Occupations Students of America members will be competing in different medical health events at state competitions in Grand Rapids March 22.

The HOSA program is a club where to students get a better understanding of professions in the medical field. Teachers coach the students by providing them tools, such as books and after-school study sessions, to learn the skills necessary to compete in events, such as physical therapy, transcultural medicine and vetinary medicine.

“I joined HOSA cause I wanted to learn more about physical therapy,” Maxenne Labasbas ‘20 said. “I practice physical therapy by reading the book provided for physical therapy every day and by also practicing with Mrs. Rawling, [Susan, advisor] on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is my first year competing in HOSA in physical therapy.”

Studying for a competition takes hours of preparation.

“I am in HOSA because I thought it seemed like something I would love and it was the only club that dealt with the medical field,” Crystal Gross ‘18 said. “Most of our studying came from the classes we took. AP Biology and AP Psychology were beneficial for me while I was taking the written portion of our events. I was nervous because I felt like the test this year and the skills of our event were too easy. Therefore, I thought other people were also very good. I had the benefit of meeting both HOSA coaches, Mrs. Rawling and Mrs. Schornak, who are the most passionate teachers I know in this school.”

The time dedicated to HOSA is important to not only students, but teachers as well.

“We enjoy helping and guiding students through the competition process,” Schornak said. “The skills that students are learning will help prepare them for any future career in Healthcare and beyond.  They are gaining confidence, leadership skills and making friendships that are treasured. It is rewarding to see students go through this process. There are over 50 events for students to compete in ranging from skills events like sports medicine, veterinary science and home health aide, to team events like public service announcements and health education. We have around 55 students that are moving on and competing at the State level in Grand Rapids. HOSA is the club that fits the needs of the medical science classes that we offer in UCS.”