should it be easier to vote?

Election day in the United States is the first Tuesday in November. For many Americans, having Election Day on a work day can be inconvenient. Along with hardships just trying to vote, there are also inconvenient laws that make it hard to vote or register to vote.

According to an article published by Global Citizen, “Why it’s getting harder and harder to vote in the US” (Oct. 19, 2016) by Joe McCarthy, “In Maricopa County, Arizona, 70 percent of voting centers were closed between 2012 and 2016. Most of the closures occurred in majority-Hispanic neighborhoods and the average location is now intended to serve 21,000 people. People can expect to wait in line for hours.” 

American citizens have a right many other people do not have, and that is to vote for the ideal person they can see running the country. Yet, during elections even Americans who are registered to vote do not end up voting. In certain cities, polling places are closed causing people who intend to vote to travel farther. That can be very hard if people have children, work or do not have a car. It is unfair because voting is a right that seems to be taken away from the people especially minorities.

According to an article published by Carnegie,”11 barriers to voting” (November. 1, 2019) by Carnegie, ”Legislators in states that have a long track record of voter suppression often implement laws and engage in activities that make it harder for certain segments of the population to vote.” The list in the article included things such as voter ID requirements, reduced voting hours and reduced early voting.

Laws are often implemented and thought to protect the citizens from voter fraud and make elections more accurate. However, obstacles, such as voter ID laws that require photo ID to vote, can make it hard to participate in the election. This is especially true for young folk and minorities from voting.

  According to an article by the ACLU, “Opposed voter ID legislation-fact sheet” (May, 2017), “25 percent of African Americans do not have ID.” 

This means that minorities have less of a chance at voting due to not meeting the voter ID requirement. This is unfair. People should be able to vote in elections. It is a right many Americans have fought very hard for. Either it should become easier to obtain an ID or the law requiring it to vote should be disregarded. 

Voting is a right and everyone deserves a chance to place a ballot, not only to contribute to  their country, but also place their opinion on who should be elected. Elected officials represent all people. Everyone should have a chance to make sure their ideals are valued.