Improvements In Technology Improve Life

Today’s generation revolves around technology.

The purpose of the computer over time has changed. 

According to an article from Computer History Museum by Bill Aspray, “Birth of the computer,” “In 1942, physicist John Mauchly proposed an all-electronic calculating machine. The U.S. Army, meanwhile, needed to calculate complex wartime ballistics tables. The result was ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer), built between 1943 and 1945—the first large-scale computer to run at electronic speed without being slowed by any mechanical parts.”

The first computer was invented to solve mathematical equations. 

“Computers were created to solve math problems,” Saina Bedawid ‘22 said. “But now people use computers every day, whether it is to send an email or to complete their homework online. I use my laptop every day to help me with school work, play games online, and watch videos.” 

The world would not be the same without the technological advancements that have been made. 

“I do not think I could imagine living in a world where computers are not so advanced,” Miri Abro ‘22 said. “We have come a long way when it comes to computers. They used to be huge boxes that were extremely slow and now they are completely different. Now they are portable and can easily be carried in one hand. They are so fast and beneficial.” 

Technology like laptops can be beneficial to life. 

“I think laptops are the next best thing created after sliced bread,” Sarah Watkins ‘22 said. “I love being able to take my laptop places and how I am not confined to one spot if I need to use the computer. Also, so many schools use laptops as a part of their curriculum. Elementary students are now using laptops and tablets to learn. Also, teachers and college professors put their work online for students to look at.”

Computers have improved life over the years. 

As reported from It Still Works “The Impact of Computers on Employment” by Edward Mercer, “Computers allow each employee, using quick technologies such as email and Internet fact-checking, to accomplish more with every hour of work. While increases in productivity allow some employers to scale back on hiring, the reality is that more productive workers are a better labor investment and employers interested in growing their businesses are actually more likely to hire new people and expand. As an industry in itself, computer technology also creates jobs in new fields like programming, computer-aided design and animation, internet marketing and online publishing.”

Advancement in technology has created more job opportunities. 

“As technology has evolved, we see a need for many jobs in information technology,” Janet Gendelman, school-to-work coordinator, said. “There are a variety of jobs that include programming, engineering, training, design and also security to protect systems and proprietary information. There will continue to be a need for individuals who can create, supporting this growing and ever-changing industry.”

The evolution of computers has drastically changed life. 

“The world would not be what it is today without computers,” Stephanie Swanner ‘20 said. “They are efficient and save time. Computers bring things to life. Computers make things so much easier and I can not see myself living in a world without one. They are so fascinating and their history is what makes them cooler. I think it’s amazing how they were first created for math and now everyone uses them. They make the world better.”