Technology Advances But Schools Stay Stagnant

Technology has been integrating into the school system since 1965 and has often helped in educating children. However, lack of technology presents a problem in how teachers educate their students. Many educators lack help from the district in getting materials for classrooms. Teachers are often supplied with technology that does not work well or are not supplied with the funds to get the technology at all. 

Some teachers have had to use their own money in order to provide proper technology for their classrooms. If they do not use their own money sometimes they have had to go without any type of new technology in their class because the district is not helping to bring in technology. 

“The district does not often supply the classrooms with enough technology, I have had to purchase a projector and am in need of a smartboard and Elmo,” Jordan Tasich, History teacher said. “The technology the district does provide, such as the desktops, get the job done however teachers are not trained much on how to use the software. This does not make the job impossible but it  does become burdensome when we lack adequate support or training to do certain things.

Although having technology at hand would make educating students, in a generation where technology is at use most of the time more efficient in the eyes of some professors, some educators disagree that they need technology to do their job. A portion believe that the district provides them with enough technology to work.

The district has provided enough technology, but realistically speaking I do not need technology to do my job effectively,” Christopher Shultz, Chemistry teacher said. “I have been an effective educator for 30 plus years both with and without technology.  Technology has given students greater access to additional explanation of information presented in class on a variety of sites and greater access to progress in class with programs such as power school.  So there is more information available in a moment’s notice, and a touch of the hand but it still comes down to effective presentation of the material by teachers, students studying this information, and parents and children valuing education.”

This does not only affect the teacher who is teaching, but it is also unfair to students who do not get the same chance as other kids to learn, especially for students who learn better with technology.

“Technology is not needed in order to educate students but it would be helpful considering the generation we are in is surrounded by technology,” Jack Bradley ‘22 said. “In every classroom there is a computer that was made in 2005 and the laptops kids use are the same from back in 6th grade. Newer technology has more to offer and works faster. Often the technology we currently have fails to load or shuts down unexpectedly. It is unjust for teachers to have to take it upon themselves to buy their own technology or to have to go without.”

Teachers spend much of their time and effort in educating the children of the world to bring about a generation of kids to make the world a better place. However, it is unfair to let them continue using the same beat up supplies for years, because it is an inconvenience to the education of the new generation.

“Technology is a primary part in the lives of today’s kids, especially in times like these when we have to do online learning,” Jazz Harris ‘22 said. “Many teachers have a hard time using the online apps and websites to teach, which makes online learning harder than it already is. Using technology may not be needed but having newer technology available to teens would help teens of the newer generation learn. Everything has to evolve including the way we educate this generation.”