Expectations for Former President Trump

Amidst a swirling cloud of impeachment accusations and social media bans, President Trump sits outside of power watching President Biden forge ahead with overturning President Trump’s policies and instituting his own.

President Trump is very nationalistic and he inspires very devoted followers. On Jan. 6, a frenzied mob of extremists carried out a premeditated attack on the Capitol with the intent of stopping the vote that would certify the results of the 2020 presidential election, and declare President Biden the winner.

While the mob swarmed Capitol Hill, many politicians and influential figures, including President-Elect Biden, publicly called upon President Trump to tell his supporters to stand down and remain peaceful.

In the wake of an inauguration, people worry that the issue of peace in America has fallen to President Trump, as citizens adjust to a new administration. In order to ensure that a similar event does not happen, Trump will need to fulfil certain expectations.

“Obviously, since Trump and Biden are opposite parties, there was some expected bickering and fighting,” Violet Fredericks ’23 said.  “But it has to end sometime. Since Trump was recently silenced by being banned off almost everything, maybe he can take this time to step back and see his duties as both a leader for the Republicans [or some of them] and as a former president.  He obviously has some flaws in his character, but nothing he cannot take time to work on.  I think he should learn from this election and build a better mindset. I think this transition period and new presidency has been so much more tense because the newer generations have grown up to the point where they post their feelings everywhere. There are so many different political opinions that either are not valid or negatively affect the rest of the American citizens.  I hope that President Trump will remain civil and not cause any more drama or fighting.  We all must move on.”

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Skeptics doubt President Trump’s ability to keep the peace and remain civil during President Biden’s time as president.

“President Trump is known to be very dramatic,” Sora Hrhor ’22 said. “He most likely knows what he is doing and enjoys this attention and support he is getting. The only way he will keep this attention is by creating problems. It is sad, but I hope we get through this together.”

With the United States extremely divided, people on all sides hope for peace.

“The “Lame Duck” president’s job is to help with the transition by provide the information and details necessary for the next president to seamlessly assume the role of the presidency, for security briefings and be there to help with the transition,” Heather Chase, government teacher, said.  “After inauguration, the former president deserves a break. They really need to step out of the public eye to allow the country to adjust to the new leadership. With the false information that had been spread up until the inauguration, it made it very difficult for the country to move forward.  In every election, there are people that are not happy with the results.  But for our democracy to survive, we need to accept and move forward.”

Moving forward from one thing to another can often be difficult, especially with two administrations that are so different.

“What happened so far this year was not really a surprise,” Hrhor said. “After the election, President Trump’s actions provoked a lot of violence. His supporters will do anything he says. I think that President Trump has accepted the transfer of power, but his supporters have not. They still believe the false claims of voter fraud that the president inspired. There will definitely be many issues the first few months and I hope that protection is available for President Biden. It will not be very safe.”